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Neon Giant Crazy Crayon- Kid Made Modern


The Neon Giant Crazy Crayon is the perfect way to add a burst of vibrant color to any project. Crafted to bring 15 bright neon hues together, this crayon is designed to draw large or small detailed areas so that young minds can hone their fine motor skills.

Measuring 8” long and 1” wide, this crayon is perfect for kids ages 3 and older. With its non-toxic design, no need to worry when your little one is huffing and puffing on their neon masterpieces. Plus, it comes with a package in case you'd like to use it as a gift topper or party favor.

Giant Neon Crazy Crayons come available in Classic, Bright, and Neon versions. Go crazy and create, as you explore all the possibilities that a Neon Giant Crazy Crayon can bring!