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Ravensburger - GraviTrax Bridges and Rails


Defy the laws of gravity with Gravitrax, a construction game that combines creativity and action.

Combine the building elements, create your own routes and imagine a series of spectacular actions. The balls will spin at full speed until the finish using gravity and magnetism.

Complete your ball circuit with the bridge and rail extension set. Put bridges between sections of the circuit ! The expansion of bridges allows you to extend the possibilities of your circuit. Connect the sections of the circuit in a spectacular way and thus obtain a multitude of new possibilities of construction and combinations. What new paths will your ball take with the drop-down bridge and special rails extension?

What level differences and what obstacles will you be able to overcome ? Will your marbles reach the finish ? The pleasure of building knows no bounds.

The more the child plays, the more they will be able to build elaborate circuits and produce stunning effects without the ball coming off the rails. Discover the laws of gravity, kinetics and magnetism.