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Hummingbird Feeder with Ant Moat


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Attract hummingbirds from near and far to your garden with one of these glass hanging hummingbird feeders. With stunning swirled designs, the handblown glass feeders feature a built in ant moat to keep ants away from the nectar. Simply hang at least 4 foot above the ground from a tree, post or front porch with the metal hook and watch how the colorful feeders create an exquisite statement. This feeder holds up to 10 fluid ounces and features a removeable stopper with drop feeder.

Sweet and Simple Nectar Recipe: Bring 4 cups of filtered water to a boil. Remove from heat. Add 1 cup of white sugar and stir until dissolved. Wait for the nectar to cool before filling the feeder. Put the feeder in a shady spot - the nectar will quickly spoil if set in direct sunlight daily. Never put honey, gelatin, brown sugar, or artificial sweeteners in a feeder.

Dimensions: 3.54" x 3.54" by 5.91"