Hello Sunshine Sunscreen

Natural Mineral SUNSCREEN Broad Spectrum SPF 30

This physical-barrier sunscreen uses Zinc Oxide, not nano-particles. And of course it contains goat milk and aloe, because why put anything on your skin that's not moisturizing and protective? This sunscreen comes in a pump, not a chemical aerosol. When applying, be sure to rub it into your skin just enough so that there is a faint, sheer white glow remaining...that lets the natural Zinc Oxide do its job.

Clinically Tested Formula Water Resistant 80 Minutes. Stay in the sun 30x longer with this preservative free and fragrance free broad spectrum sunscreen. 100% vegetable derived emulsifier. 80 minute naturally derived water resistance provided by pine gum and wood resin. Zinc Oxide is free of Nano particles and provides transparent broad spectrum protection.

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