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Break Free


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Imagine this: you're locked in an abandoned shed, handcuffed with your fellow spies. No one's coming to rescue you either. Oh yeah, we forgot to mention there's a bomb attached to the shed. Yikes! How will you make it out of the booby-trapped shed in one piece? Using your espionage skills, of course! 

The goal of the Break Free game is to be the first person to get themselves out of the imagined restraints because you'll be rewarded the most amount of points. The person who wins is the one who has the most! This game features 12 different mazes with three different difficulty levels. As soon as you master one level, elevate yourself to the next because nothing compares to the satisfying feeling of breaking free!    

The Break Free is a game perfect for maze wiz-kids. By moving and twisting the lock pick from left to right, you'll bust out of chains and claim your title as the victor! It accommodates 2-4 players, ages 6 and above.

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